About Low Country’s
Heating and Cooling







LCB Contracting Solutions was founded in 1996 under the brand name of Low Country’s Best Heating and Cooling, with the sole intent of being a heating and air condition support arm to the speculative construction investment activity of its’ founder. Changes in the global economic climate coupled the rapid decline of the availability of discretionary lending funds for speculative construction, prompted the founder of Low Country to evaluate the organizations position in the industry, vision and internal structural design. The result of this introspection was the organization we currently call LCB Contracting Solutions. A 100% minority owned multi-disciplinary team of professionals assembled with the sole intent of providing its’ clients with comprehensive design solutions for general and mechanical contracting requirements.


As a State of South Carolina licensed General and Mechanical Contractor, LCB brings unparalleled contracting experience and professionalism to an extremely competitive industry. As an organization, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide cost effective contracting solutions that are that are effectively executed within the defined timelines and within budget, while exceeding quality standards and code compliance.